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Central Northern European
Climate Summit

 Connectivity for knowledge flows to reach the Green Deal

Why CNE Climate Summit?

This gathering will build on the success of the Green Deal to boost local and regional climate strategies and business action. In several plenary sessions you'll hear best practices from influential guest speakers on how to deliver climate action, as soon as possible.

Northern Europe is well known for its best practices in sustainable development. Since there are some common conditions for Central and Northern Europe, such as the weather and natural landscape and sharing the Baltic Sea, the climate needs can be comparable. Also this region is the wall between Europe and Russia (Russian influence). This as well brings common issues according to safety and the urgent need for the twin transition (energy + digital).

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Main topics

Delivering the clean energy economy: how combining European commitments, local net zero strategies and private sector investment and innovation can deliver the clean energy economy;

Climate challenges, mitigation and adaptation;

Circular economy, resources and reuse;

Innovations for climate safe developments;

Smart cities of the future;

Climate-proofing of infrastructures and investments.


10:00 Plenary session: Central-North Europe connectivity for knowledge flows to reach the Green Deal. The best local practices from sustainably developed countries to Fit for 55

European Commission introduced the European Green Deal at the end of 2019, clearly setting out increased levels of ambition for the EU as a whole and aims to deliver net- zero greenhouse gas emissions at EU level by 2050 and to increase the EU-wide greenhouse gas emissions reduction target from 40% to up to 55% by 2030. Delivering the Green Deal will require a transformation of the EU and national economies with sectors such as transport, the built environment, agriculture, industry, and energy all having to become more environmentally sustainable if the goal of decoupling economic growth from resource use is to be achieved. 

12:00 Discussion panel 1. Local circular economy - best practices from the CNE region

13:40 Discussion panel 2. Cities or districts that are energy self-sufficient. Regional energy security, how to finance local investments in low- and zero-emission energy. Combating energy poverty.

14:50 Discussion 3. Diversification of energy sources and savings as a way to fight inflation. Reduction of energy consumption - best practices from Northern Europe. Cross- border Energy projects.

16:00 Discussion 4.  Evaluation of investment effectiveness by financing institutions and future-proofing. Streamlining processes in investment projects

17:00 Discussion 5. The impact of green investments on the economic development of the region

17:30 Discussion 6. Recycling; including plastic waste; water purification and desalination stations. How to reduce plastic consumption?

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